The Ultimate Spring Break Family Adventure: An American Football Tour of Italy

The Ultimate Spring Break Family Adventure: An American Football Tour of Italy

Spring Break is something we always look forward to. It’s a time when the kids have time off and we can plan a little getaway. However, this year is not your typical Spring Break family vacation. We had the opportunity for my son to compete in football internationally, in Italy of all places! It is called the American Football Worldwide where you travel abroad to play football and compete in another country. So we jumped on board to experience a new kind of spring break! We enjoyed all the elements of the sports lifestyle while seeing all the beauty that Italy has to offer! 

The Splendors Of Italy

Roman Forum

We hit the ground running on day 1 in Piazza Navona, home of the Trevvi Fountain, followed by a classic walking tour whinch ended at the Roman Forum and Colosseum. My son loved visiting the Colosseum. To think they built something of this magnitude back then with no cranes or machinery and comparing it to an NFL stadium puts everything into perspective of how grand it really is and the effort and intelligence that went into building it.

Next we visited the Vatican! It is truly mesmerizing and stands as a testament of history. Upon entering the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, I was struck by its beauty. I had heard about it- but nothing compared to seeing it with my own eyes. Not to mention the immaculate ceiling paintings by Michelangelo. He truly was a visionary! The art and history the Vatican holds is truly astounding! 

After being filled with two millennium of history we departed for Siena, Tuscany, which is most known for its gothic architecture and medieval influences. Siena offers a vibrant atmosphere as well as a gateway to famous wine regions. We enjoyed one of the best sangrias I have ever had. Not to mention the food! There is something so fresh and spectacular about authentic Italian cuisine. If you visit, make sure to see the Corsa del Palio, where they held medieval horse races. 

If you love culture and art, then Florence is for you! Historically Florence was a hub of commerce, finance, learning, and of course the arts, The Renaissance was born here! It’s a marvel that such a small city holds so many wonders. Florence has remained as an economic and cultural center to this day.

Cinque Terre, Lugano, And Lake Como 

Now it’s time for literal breathtaking views. Cinque Terre is an iconic, ancient seaside village on the Italian Riviera filled with colorful houses, vineyards and terraces. Here you can stroll around and visit the waterfront promenade, and take in the beauty these five little towns have to offer. 

Lugano may be in Switzerland but it is an Italian speaking town surrounded by mountains beautiful water  and filled with rich heritage. 

Lake Como is nestled at the foothills of the Alps. They don’t call it a “glamour haven” for no reason. Lake Como is filled with vibrance, historical significance and ambiance. “Era molto romantico“- it was very romantic. Take me back!

Let’s Kickoff

USA Team

For the final leg of our adventure we set off for Milan. We enjoyed a highlight tour of Milan. After all of our travel fun we had the final game! Congrats to both teams who worked extremely hard to get here! 

The game was amazing! My son was one of the team captains which was a huge surprise and of course an honor. To see him walk out on the field with the other captains and watch the coin toss was so special. I am so proud of him. The captains presented the American flag as the USA National Anthem was played. It was an amazing moment to witness. 

Next, the Italian Anthem was played and no sooner had it finished when the Italian fans began cheering and chanting loudly for their team. Their cheers seemed to work for them early on in the game as our team was working out some nerves for the first few minutes. But, once we settled in, Team USA began to dominate. We had some amazing touchdowns and defensive stops and ended up winning 34-7. The boys took pictures with the other team and exchanged memorabilia as they brought their high school shirts, jerseys, towels, etc. They even exchanged social media handles to keep in touch. I couldn’t have asked for a better time at the game. 

This experience has been truly remarkable. I love traveling and exploring new cities but being able to do it with my family and to watch my son go after his dreams is truly next level. So I challenge you, say yes to opportunities which present themselves, and go outside the box for your spring break journey. You never know what is in store until you take the leap. Italy will always hold a special place in my heart when it comes to exploration and hospitality.

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