Freshen Up Your Home: The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

Freshen Up Your Home The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

It’s finally spring and this time of year makes me motivated and ready for a refresh. 

Yes, I’m talking about spring cleaning! After months of winter weather where motivation was lacking, it’s time to get our homes back in order!

Set Yourself Up For Success 

Spring Clean

Make sure you have all the cleaners and tools needed to make your spring clean successful. Here are some of my favorites:

Electric Scrubber: This will save you so much time and your back will thank you later. 

Handheld Steamer: For those hard to clean places, this gives you the upper hand! 

The Pink Stuff

Magic Erasers

Method All Purpose Cleaner

Drawer Organizers

Cupboard Organizers

Closet Organization

Now that you have everything you need, don’t get overwhelmed! Spring cleaning doesn’t have to happen in one day.  It’s best to focus on one room rather than everything all at once. 

Let’s focus on key areas or items that will need the extra attention.

1.        Declutter 

Spring Clean - DeClutter

Set a timer, give yourself a time limit to do this. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a rabbit hole for hours. Create three piles or boxes: Keep, Donate, Throw Away. If you haven’t used something since your last spring clean, it’s time for it to go. We are creatures of habit and can hold on to things much longer than we really need to. Don’t forget to spring clean the infamous junk drawers and entry way closets! 

  • Living Spaces: Evaluate any décor or extra furniture that isn’t needed. 
  • Laundry Room: Organize all of your cleaning products.
  • Kitchen: Organize cupboards and drawers, get rid of that Tupperware that is missing a lid (we all have one.. .right?!) 
  • Bedrooms: Wash curtains, linens, and bedding, remove anything creating chaos in your space.  
  • Closets: Remove any seasonal clothing, donate any unneeded clothing, shoes etc. If this is a struggle for you, take any clothes you haven’t worn but are struggling to part with, turn the hanger backwards. When next spring clean comes around, if you haven’t worn it, the hanger is still turned around, it’s time for it to go! Also, please remember that the items that you hang on to for way too long can bleed a mother in a shelter or her kids that are there with her. Ask yourself, keep or bless someone else? 

2.        Deep Clean

Spring Clean Deep Clean

Deep clean your showers, floors, baseboards, lighting fixtures and vents. Think of all the areas that may not get cleaned every week. The electric scrubber and steamer make a huge difference during the deep clean process! Taking the time to do this now, resets you for maintaining going forward. After cleaning your vents, don’t forget to change the furnace filter! 

3.        Organize 

Spring Clean Organization

It’s easy to reset into “bad habits.” However, implementing new ways to stay organized this next year will only benefit you. Organizational bins are a game changer. Organize your pantry, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and laundry room. If something has its own place, it’s easier to remember where it is. 

Best Advice For Year Round Cleaning 

Whether you take a week or a month to spring clean your home, do it at your own pace. 

The best advice I ever got to help maintain my home throughout the year is “if you pick it up, don’t put it down, put it away.” Happy Spring Cleaning! 

With Love, 


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