We Are The Champions! Plan your Epic Super Bowl Festivities

The countdown to Super Bowl LVIII has begun! By today’s end everyone will know who is going to the Super Bowl this year…. So exciting! There’s just four teams left – Chiefs v the Ravens in the AFC and 49ers v the Lions in the NFC. I can’t wait to watch these games and then also for all of the excitement of the Super Bowl!

We’ve had our fair share of fun (and work) at the Super Bowl over the years. It’s exciting to plan which events to attend, and also to watch the game itself. Last year my hubby and I had a “viral moment” at the Off the Field Players Wives’ Fashion show (check out the clip here) which had us laughing for weeks.

For us, Super Bowl is all about football, but it’s also about reconnecting with people we haven’t seen for awhile, supporting the current NFL players and their families during this time of life, and letting loose a bit too! It’s a great time to reflect on this crazy awesome life that Nate’s NFL career led us to.


insideLINES Podcast Neiman Marcus live superbowl podcast show Atoya and Nate Burleson

I’m the founder of insideLINES Podcast, and we have recorded a live show from the Super Bowl the past 4 years. This year the theme is “Bet On Yourself” and it’s going down at Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas. I love this theme because it embodies the goals of the podcast so well. We strive to highlight and honor women in and around the sports world for their contributions. We also have delicious food, drinks, shopping, and a crazy awesome guest list. Each year has been bigger and better than the year before.

BUT… planning has been a lot!! Lol. But it’s all about being prepared, staying consistent and surrounding yourself with a team that keeps that same energy! We have an amazing lineup of women this year as well as fantastic VIP activations. I look forward to celebrating with all the attendees and listeners back home. All of the VIP tickets are sold out but at the time of this writing you can still get a general admission seat here. You can find the Podcast here!

Besides the Live Podcast Event, I am also excited for a little announcement I will be making during Super Bowl week about a project that is very near and dear to my heart. And of course I can’t wait to see Usher perform at halftime! You could say I’ve “Got it Bad!”

Time to huddle… Around the chip bowl

super bowl party snack ideas for super bowl lviii veggies and dip

My ULTIMATE Snack Picks

If you can’t join us live, I’ll give you some of my favorites to plan your very own epic Super Bowl party. Food is one of the most important pieces to hosting a Super Bowl party. Everyone loves to snack during the game and these are some great options:

  • Wings on Wings: You can never have too many wings! I like to offer a variety of flavors and styles.  We are all about Wing Stop at our house.
  • Snack Board: For this it’s all about presentation. Whether you are serving up veggies, meats, cheeses or other various snacks, get creative with a theme. Like a football field, goal post or maybe snacks in your favorite team’s colors. Anything goes as long as its football related. You can find some cute inspo pictures on Pinterest. 
  • Drinks: While the players on the field will be sticking to the classic Gatorade, we can get creative with a delicious signature cocktail. Some cocktail recipes can even be made ahead, so you can treat your guests without being stuck behind the bar all night. I like a spiked Arnold Palmer because it is crisp, refreshing, and not too sweet.
  • Sweet Treats: Cupcakes are my go-to for Super Bowl parties because you can make it fun with a frosting color dedicated to each team.

All I Do Is Win, Win, Win 

Help all of your guests get into the Super Bowl spirit with party games that bring the competition off the field. Each of these games require minimal set up while dishing out maximum fun. I  also suggest you get a cool trophy for the winner, which serves as a decor item until it’s claimed by the winner! Here are my winning game suggestions:

  • Don’t Say: This is a fun take on the classic baby shower game “Don’t Say Baby”. Except now we use football terms. Select the word that is forbidden, then everyone starts with 5 clothespins. Throughout the game, if you catch someone saying the forbidden word, you can steal one of their clothespins. Whoever has the most at the end of the game wins! Some examples that have proven hilarious: Football, First Down, and Defense.
  • Squares: This is a fun game that you can play for fun or for cash. It’s kind of a bit much to explain but this is a great article that shows you how to set it up and play! 
  • Super Bowl Bingo: We all know how to play Bingo! Print and distribute these adorable Football Bingo cards As the game progress, the first person to a Bingo wins! Play to blackout to extend the fun. These stickers make a great addition to check off your bingo spots. 

Football is LIFE – Let’s get Festive 

Kim Poppin' Balloons Balloon arch for Super Bowl decor
Photo Credit: Kim’s Poppin Balloons

Your Decorating Hail Mary: The Balloon Arch

Decorating with balloons is the easiest way to amp up your decor. I love to include both teams- but that might not fly in certain households! If you are in the tristate area I highly recommend Kim’s Poppin’ Balloons, see her work above in this photo. She creates the most amazing backdrops and arches. If you do decide to DIY your balloon arch, do yourself a favor and get an electric balloon pump, to save your lungs for cheering for your favorite team!

Don’t Forget the Special Teams:

You can spruce up your table settings with team colors on napkins, table cloths, cups, plates, etc. I also love these little themed skewers for an easy grab and go snack. A little sparkle also never hurts and these tempered glass trays are perfect for a snack board. Pair them with this simple chip and dip tray for some real glam.

The Final Touchdown

Wherever you are for Super Bowl LVIII, I hope you have a fantastic time and make lasting memories with your chosen family. As yet another NFL season comes to a close, we look forward to the next season and the excitement it will bring for us all.

With Love, 


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