How to Travel Like a Pro

How to Travel Like a Pro

It is one of my favorite parts of the year! Traveling to the Super Bowl has become an annual tradition due to my husband and his obligations there. However, for the third year in a row now, I am traveling to host my podcast called insideLINES Podcast LIVE at Super Bowl 56! This will take place on February 12th at Nordstrom, The Grove. Nordstrom will be serving brunch and mimosas and we will have celebrity guests, NFL wives, giveaways and more! It’s sure to be such an amazing time!

Traveling is so much fun and I embrace it even more, now that I have gotten packing down to a science. Let’s be honest, we all know packing can be complicated, frustrating, and dreadful! A lot of people underestimate the value of packing well. Learning how to pack better will not only maximize your space available, but minimize the stress of packing and make the whole trip more enjoyable.

Whether you travel often, or only once in awhile, savvy packing is a skill that anyone can learn. Knowing the basics of how (and what) to pack and assembling the best tools are the first step. Here’s a few tips I have that keeps me organized and sane during the process:

Pro Packing Tips

Safety First – During these unprecedented times, masks and sanitizers have become and essential for any trip. My favorite sanitizer and mask.

Pack ahead – I find that if I start the process of packing at least a week before then this leaves more time to not only get excited about the trip, but plenty of time for buying the items that I’ve forgotten. I only seem to remember these must haves during the actual packing process! Packing the night before sends my mind into overdrive and I tend to have a stressful night’s sleep before my trip because I feel like I may have forgotten something.

Lists are your friend – Make a List of your choice outfits & shoes by day. After you have packed your clothes into a cube, zip locked your accessories and jewelry, label them with corresponding numbers.

*Make a list for each type of trip and save it. I now have lists saved under ‘1 week travel’, ‘Winter break travel’, ‘Weekend Travel’ and so on. I can pull these up and print them whenever I need them and often, I’ve made a note of what I didn’t need. I also make space to write in a few things that may be specific to the trip I am traveling on that I may need i.e. my podcast equipment, headphones, mic, etc.

Use space saving items – Once you try these Travel Cubes there really is no going back! Keep your daywear, sleepwear, undergarments, and toiletries all separated with these wonderful packing cubes! You will be surprised by how much space this frees up and how much easier it is to see exactly what you’ve packed.

Pajamas – I absolutely LOVE pajamas!!! I pack my pajamas depending on where I am going and who I am going with. If it’s a family trip or girlfriend trip, I bring my comfy  lounge pajamas. However, if it’s a getaway with my man I bring my sexy nightie slip on pajamas. No matter the trip I do like to bring a light  robe I can throw on regardless of who I am traveling with.

Luggage – Traveling with the right luggage keeps the stress down and my belongings organized. I travel using the BEIS carry on roller and a bag called the weekender that stores anything that I prefer not to be in the suitcase. Beis also has packing cubes, backpacks, cosmetic cases and so much more. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

I hope this travel list helps you organize your travel life so that you can enjoy travel to the fullest! As for unpacking, you’re on your own! Lol.

Please wish insideLINES Podcast luck at Super Bowl 56 and follow us on Instagram @insidelinespodcast !

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius

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