Here’s To New Beginnings

Here’s To New Beginnings

Vision Boards have been a powerful tool for me in my manifesting journey. It turns out putting your goals on paper in this type of visual format can actually help you achieve them. Like many others, some of my 2021 goals had to be readjusted. I have found having a major theme for the year and marking specific short term and long term goals for major areas such as spiritual, financial, relational, health, etc. helps to keep me motivated and focused on progress. I’ve been doing them for years and will be carrying on the tradition by building my board with my family this year. It’s wild how many things on my vision board have become reality.

Back in my college days, I was hurdler on the track and field team. I made a goal to run 13.95 in the 100 hurdles. I wrote it on a small piece of paper and slipped it into my track spikes. I remember practicing all week as well as envisioning what my race would look like in order for me to achieve this goal. After competing at the conference championships I ran the race of my life! I came in first place in a close race. I looked over at the digital clock to see what my time was and low and behold, I ran the exact time I manifested and claimed for myself! I couldn’t believe it. I was so grateful to be a collegiate hurdle champ and even more grateful to have worked hard to reach my exact goal! I that’s when I began to understand what manifestation meant.

If you are not sure how to begin your vision board, try an exercise where you envision your ideal year or season. What concepts can you translate into words or experiences? For example, if you envision getting a raise, promotion, or new home, you might want to include images of money, a workplace, or your dream home.

While these are not exact representations of how your dreams might be realized, they embody the concepts you are seeking to achieve. Everything on your vision board represents the meaning YOU assign to it.

To help you get started, check out this Vision Board kit on Amazon. This one is simple and a great starter kit if you’ve never tried one. Here’s another option you might enjoy as well. It’s half cork board half white board. It’s time to hunt through your old stashes for visual representations of your goal. If you prefer to go the digital route, there are plenty of free online programs to help you make your vision board. For simplicity, you could create a board on Pinterest.

Once you’re done, put your vision board in a place that’s within your regular line of sight—your nightstand, your home office, or even by your television—because the key is to look at it as often as possible. Alternatively, you can use a digital vision board as your laptop’s backdrop or your phone’s home screen.

Please remember that although your vision board is your starting place, be open to variations of what you want to achieve. Sometimes we miss the fact that we’ve achieved something great, because it doesn’t look exactly like we thought it would. Enjoy creating your vision board! I look forward to celebrating with you on all your accomplishments in 2022! Happy YOU year!

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