Why It’s Crucial To Support Black-Owned Businesses

Why It’s Crucial To Support Black-Owned Businesses

During the month of February, we celebrate and recognize the invaluable contributions generations of Black Americans have made in our communities, economy and world.

Author, journalist and historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson advocated strongly for national recognition and understanding of Black history, building the foundation for what would eventually become Black History Month. Woodson envisioned a time “when all Americans would willingly recognize the contributions of Black Americans as a legitimate and integral part of the history of this country.”

I believe that how we spend our money has an extraordinary ability to impact our world for the better. And we’ve been reminded in the last couple of years that so many others share these beliefs. We have seen countless campaigns to support Black-owned businesses, and lists of Black-owned brands are flooding our social media feeds. While many of us are encouraged by this evolving urgency to spend our dollars more intentionally, we know that sustaining these habits will require us to spend some time sitting with WHY it’s so important.

Consumer power is, well… powerful.

To help you find Black-owned businesses quickly, here are a few resources. Online databases such as ,The Nile List and ,Official Black Wall Street offer robust directories of Black-owned small businesses across industries and geographies.

Here a few of my faves:

Body, Beauty, & Self Care

    1. Angie Watts (Rolesville, NC)
    2. Base Butter
    3. Beauty Bakerie
    4. The Blissful Collection (Dallas, TX)
    5. Bolden
    6. Buttah Skin by Dorian (Florida)
    7. CurlBox (Atlanta, GA)
    8. Dollface Kara (Dallas, TX)
    9. Fenty Beauty/Skin
    10. Hawlistics
    11. The Honey Pot Company (Atlanta, GA)
    12. Juvia’s Place
    13. Karité (New Jersey)
    14. London Grant (Atlanta, GA)
    15. LuvMeHair
    16. MHO Beauty (Memphis, TN)
    17. Marjani Beauty (Washington, D.C.)
    18. Mented Cosmetics (New York, NY)
    19. Mielle Organics (Merrillville, IN)
    20. Pholk Beauty (Jersey City, NJ… I THINK)
    21. PNK Digger (Atlanta, GA)
    22. Sade Baron
    23. SixTwenty Beauty (Dallas, TX)
    24. Talmadge Larue Bath and Body (Miami, FL)
    25. Undefined Beauty (Los Angeles, CA)
    26. Lomar Farms


    1. Cel Sal (Dallas, TX)
    2. FORVR Mood (Santa Fe Springs, CA)
    3. Gatson Home (Dallas, TX)
    4. Ignite Your Peace (New Jersey)
    5. Laguna Candles (Laguna Beach, CA)
    6. Lindsey Created (Charlotte, NC)
    7. Posh Candle Co (Los Angeles, CA)
    8. Sensual Candle Co. (Miami, FL)
    9. Southern Elegance Candle Co (Raeford, NC)
    10. School Scents (Paramus, NJ)

Clothing & Accessories

    1. Beacon Threads (Baltimore, MD)
    2. Black Cadre (Ft. Washington, MD)
    3. Brownie Points for You
    4. Coco + Bronze Swim (New Jersey)
    5. FBF Body (Philadelphia, PA)
    6. Glam-a-holic Lifestyle (Detroit, MI)
    7. Love, Vera* (Honey Brook, PA)
    8. Mandy’s Market (Houston, TX)
    9. The Modern Day Queen Collection (Houston, TX)
    10. Material girl Kloset (Dallas, TX)
    11. Newd Style
    12. Nichole Lynel
    13. Noor Fit
    14. Cushnie
    15. Taylor Jay Collection (Oakland, CA)

Miscellaneous & Novelty

    1. Blavia (Cleveland, OH)
    2. Blooms By Bem (Dallas, TX)
    3. Cool Coffee Clique (Orlando, FL)
    4. Foolproof Body (Orlando, FL)
    5. Harriett’s Bookshop (Philadelphia, PA)
    6. Chic Geeks
    7. Pepper Leaf
    8. Ivy’s Tea Co.
    9. McBride Sisters Wine (Oakland, CA)
    10. Manifest Your Purpose (Dallas, TX)
    11. Painting & All That Jas (Dallas, TX)
    12. Tequila With Friends (Dallas, TX)
    13. The Weed Spot (Dallas, TX) And it’s CBD, so chill, lol.
    14. Post 21 (This website is like an Amazon for several black owned businesses. You will find an array of options.)

When we support Black-owned businesses, we are supporting black communities. I hope you will join me in that effort all year round. Let me know of any I may have left off and Happy Black History Month!

With love,


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