Discover Paradise: Essential Vacation Tips For Nevis Island 

Discover Paradise: Essential Vacation Tips For Nevis Island 

l found a unique gem of a dream vacation destination! I am talking about Nevis! My dear friend Candi told me about it and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. 

Nevis is the smaller island of Saint Kitts. That’s right – the Caribbean Sea and inner arch of the West Indies! It is absolutely breathtaking and equally astounding with a welcoming community, easy going nature and the most delectable cuisine! 

Nevis had so much to offer for a quick island getaway, but we easily could have spent more than a week there.  Whether you want some R&R, a little adventure, or maybe even romance, the possibilities are endless on this quaint island.

We decided to live in luxury and stay at the Four Seasons. We had a gorgeous room with amazing views overlooking the ocean and we really enjoyed the resort’s restaurants especially On the Dune, Mango and the Kasteway Beach Bar. This vacation was exactly what Nate and I needed after a lot of hard work over the last few months leading up to Super Bowl.  It allowed us to reconnect with one another, recharge our batteries and game plan for what’s next. 

While we enjoyed our rest and relaxation there was no way we could sit completely still. We had to go out and about and check out this beautiful island! We enjoyed two excursions; the first we went out and got to see the real town on Nevis. Did you know Alexander Hamilton was born here? His legacy is alive and well on the island! Nevis is rich in history and culture, which they embrace, celebrate and enjoy the natural elements of the island. Nevis is full of many historical landmarks that you can visit and tour. One of the most breathtaking landmarks was the Botanical Gardens of Nevis, located at Nevis Peak. Think breathtaking views atop a tropical oasis! 

Our fun didn’t end with touring the city, we also chartered a vessel for a snorkeling trip. Tropical fish and sea turtles are some of the highlights you’ll find when you are out and about. This was one of our favorites of the day. There is something so peaceful being out in the ocean with the sun on your face and letting yourself not have a care in the world. That’s true relaxation for me. Once back at the Four Seasons we decided to indulge in a couples spa massage. The hotel spa’s hot and cold plunge tubs afterwards was amazing! We met an amazing couple as well that also live in NYC. Small world!!

After enjoying much needed relaxation it was time to get active! The next day we jogged around the beautiful resort and used the fitness center, played tennis, and hit the beach. 

Insider tip: If you want to do any activities, ask for Mackee!!! He is simply the best! You name it and he had us covered! His hospitality and pleasant demeanor will help you feel at home. Whether you like tennis, golf or have any questions in regards to activities Mackee is your guy! Thank you, Mackee!

Flavors of the Island

I know I have already mentioned that food in Nevis is amazing, but it was so amazing that I need to keep telling you! It’s packed with flavor and represents the destination. My favorite restaurant at Four Seasons was called On the Dune! Their turkey burger is so moist and tender! I’ve never had any turkey burger like it!  The conch fresh salad was fresh and crisp. It looked like  something out of a magazine. The drinks there were delicious as well whether you chose a daiquiri or a non-alcoholic smoothie! You couldn’t go wrong. 

Another favorite was Sunshine’s about a half mile down the beach where we tried their famous drink called ‘the killer bee’! And it was just! The killer bee had me buzzin! Be careful when you’re drinking the killer bee, it will sneak up and sting you! 

Fun story while we were at Sunshine’s the actual owner this famous beach restaurant is named after spotted Nate and came up and introduced himself to us. He said, “Hi, welcome to Sunshine’s! I’m Sunshine!” Then he asked us what we ordered. After we told him, he scratched our order and started bringing out all of his favorite items on the menu! It was sooo good! Please visit Sunshine’s! It won’t disappoint! 

When we weren’t dining out the room service at The Four Seasons was the best I’ve ever experienced. Every order was delicious and delivered within 30 minutes or less.

The True Hidden Gems of Nevis 

Hidden Gems of Nevis
  1. Kindness -People are so kind and helpful. It was one of the safest places we have visited. We ended up house hopping on a Friday night and eating local food like fish, rice and beans, jerk chicken and plantains.
  2. History and Culture is prevalent here! There is so much to learn and this community fully embraces its heritage and there are so many excursions you can take to learn more about the island. 
  3. Culinary Delights – Dishes are typically West Indian in flavor, with many of the ingredients grown locally on the islands. Don’t be afraid to try something new or take suggestions (like we did with Sunshine). Your tastebuds will thank you later!
Nevis Island

Nevis is going to be a destination that stays on my travel list. I cannot recommend it enough! There is a special charm about a smaller island that brings you inner peace and leaves you with a new outlook on life! 

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