5 Ways to Start The New Year

5 Ways to Start The New Year

We’ve all witnessed the New Year Resolution bombs year after year. As soon as someone says they made a new year resolution, the eye rolls begin and the scoffs of sarcasm are felt. That’s because it’s been proven that most resolutions fail. Research has found that it’s easier to start with minor self care adjustments before making grandiose plans or goals. In the consistency of the small things is where change truly begins.

Here’s a few suggestions or tips I would recommend to start the New Year prepared and ready to take on 12 fresh months!

  1. 1. Self Reflect
  • Take a moment and reflect on this last year. Your wins, your losses, and where things remained stagnant.
  • Ask yourself if what you did was enough or reflect on what you could’ve done better. This type of self reflection creates accountability and promotes self evaluation which is important in realizing where you are and where you’re trying to go next.
  • It propels you to step into your full power with clarity and focus.

2. Clear your Space

  • Time to Reset! Rid your life of old papers, cluttered spaces or bad relationships.
  • Organize your space so that everything that stays has a place. Anything that is unnecessary, unproductive, or unruly has to go.
  • The energy around you truly affects your health, so clean house and make space for the good. That’s what we all want right? Let’s prepare to receive it!

3. Self Care

  • Mind– Take the time to write down your daily thoughts in a journal. One day, it may take 5 minutes and another day 30 minutes.
  • Be consistent.
  • Meditate- Start with sitting still for 10 minutes. No phone, no interruptions.
  • Body– Physical exercise is so important along with eating healthy.
  • Make a goal to workout twice a week at a particular time and stick to it.
  • Take a class, find an accountability partner and go on a walk to self reflect and take in Mother Nature.
  • Also, have a plan of when, where or what you should eat. If you are unsure, that’s okay to. Invest in someone that can help you with this until you get it down.
  • Don’t forget to drink lots of water and get your sleep! Health is wealth and we only have this one life to live. Give it your all!
  • Spirit– Speaking of giving it your all, add some spirituality to your life like a daily devotional or reading the word to help remind us of what really matters and gives us perspective outside of what our mind sometimes tricks us into believing. Developing an attitude of gratitude can truly propel into positive spaces and relationships.

4. Write Down Goals

  • There’s so much power in writing down your goals. Write them in your journal, your planner or on a sticky note in your bathroom.
  • Make them visible everywhere you go. Put them in your bedroom, closet, bathroom.
  • Write them on your phone as reminders. The more you see it and say it, the closer you will get to checking off that goal.
  • Don’t forget to say it out loud. Manifest your truths. Write present and future goals. Under each, use language that reflects the present and the future, even if these things haven’t occurred yet.
  • Experiencing yourself writing out your goals as if you have already achieved them can be a beautiful, healing experience.

5. Expect Setbacks

  • Things won’t always go as planned. These aren’t derailments, but instead speed bumps. So, slow down pay attention to the signs and adjust accordingly.
  • It’s okay to take a moment, but don’t get stuck. Create an escape plan to get out of the rut because it will happen.
  • No one knows you better than yourself. Identify where you struggle and why. Whether that’s a limiting belief or your desire to remain comfortable. How will you push thorough? What’s your plan to coach yourself through it? Get clear on what may throw you off and your plan to overcome.
  • God will never put more on you than you can bare. Trust Him! Trust the gifts He’s given you and keep going. The right doors will open that NO man can close! It’s your destiny! Yes, even the hard stuff. Your testimony will bless someone else one day. Happy 2023 to YOU!

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