Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos

My husband and I honeymooned in Turks and Caicos. We chose to stay at a resort which was great at the time. We had a butler who unpacked our bags, scheduled our meals, and our activities. It was a fantastic time. We met different people from all over the world and truly enjoyed all the resort had to offer!

Recently we decided to revisit where we honey mooned, however, we decided to stay in a villa for safety precautions. Now that the Super Bowl was over, we were more than ready for some R & R! You may meet someone occasionally while out and about, however the encounters are way fewer and I can admit we both loved it! Here are my top 5 takeaways of choosing a home versus a resort:

  1. Walking into a villa or a home is about as simple as it can get. There’s no front desk, valet, or hotel lobby. You pull up and you are there. We chose a home due to the Covid precautions. All we needed was our passport and a negative covid test within 5 days of our departure and we were off!! Once we landed, we arranged a car ahead of time for pickup and headed to the home which was only 15-20 minutes from the airport. We preferred something right on the beach and boy was it worth it! Note: All beaches on TCI are open, so note that even if you aren’t right on the beach there is easy access to use the beach!
  2. Let someone else do the cooking!! We opted for a chef for the first few days. I did not want to cook at ALL!! I wanted to take a break and enjoy everything as well. Chef Ian was fantastic! He spoiled us with fresh fruit every single morning to start our day. Not to mention the smoothies, french toast, omelettes, and many other delicious meals that we were served. It truly is the way to go! I would suggest opting for a chef some days and enjoying island food on other days. It’s the perfect combination and helps keep the budget reasonable.
  3. Excursions galore!!! There was never a dull moment while on the island. They offer everything from in home massages or facials to ATV exploring, island hopping, Iguana Island, fishing, snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving and much more! Reminder: Please bring your sunblock! You will need it! 😉
  4. Besides bringing sunblock, do not forget OFF!! The mosquitoes love fresh meat and let me tell you, they enjoyed my arms and legs. Note: Bring some alcohol to spray or rub on help stop the itching! I learned this trick from one of the islanders!
  5. Overall, you will love TCI! From the fresh fish to the conch salad to no high rise buildings, it is just relaxing and easy! Try shopping at the village. They not only have great sales, but also you pay no sales tax! Woot woot!

Turks and Caicos was so good to us! It was the just what we needed. Gorgeous weather, beautiful water, and the sand at our toes daily! If you have young kids that are in need of babysitters or kids clubs, I would suggest a resort. However, if it’s just for the two of you I know that having your own private place on the beach is the way to truly reconnect! Stay tuned for more details on the trip!

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