5 Fall Musts

5 Fall Musts

Fall is definitely my favorite season! There are so many comforting and exciting elements that happen when Summer says goodbye and Fall begins. The weather begins to chill, the leaves begin to turn and I immediately think about my must haves for the season. Here are 5 things I truly enjoy about the Autumn season that will help jump start the season for you as well!

    1. Candles are at the top of the list! I love burning candles in the evening or sometimes early in the morning. I prefer particular smells in certain areas of the house. For example, in the family room I love a warm sultry scent, however in the bathroom I prefer a clean, fresh scent. Now, in the kitchen I am in need of something that mirrors the smells of baking in the kitchen whether that be something that smells like pumpkin, apple, cinnamon or even vanilla. All of those smells compliment whatever it is that you are cooking and triggers my childhood for me. Some of my favorite candle companies include Lomar Farms, School Scents, and Buttadream!
    2. When the weather changes, so does my skin. I always use a serum but typically add in a heavier moisturizer to combat the cold dry weather. My top two serums are Skin Ceuticals hydrating B5 and tru skin Vitamin C. My go to moisturizers are Kiehl’s ultra facial cream and La Mer’s soft cream moisturizer. It’s worth the investment!
    3. In the summer we are in shorts, dresses, and skirts. However, in Fall layers begin and I LOVE layers. It’s like climate control! From a puffer vest over a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt, to a hooded sweatshirt with a jean jacket over it you can never go wrong! But the ultimate Fall layer is the Flannel with a t- shirt and a pair of jeans! Pair all three outfits with a pair of sneakers for drop offs and running errands and you are ready to roll!! Slow down ladies, it’s not boot season yet! 😉
    4. Recipes change during the Fall season as well. Summer is light and healthy foods like salads and wraps while Fall is all about comfort foods!! Here are a couple recipes I enjoy to commemorate the fall season.

Chili with Cornbread

Chicken Fettuccine

Your favorite warm beverage in a mug that makes you smile!

    1. Football is BACK!!! The weekend is all football around here! From high school football to the NFL we are ALL IN when it comes to the Pig Skin!! Did I mention I play fantasy football and started a ladies only fantasy football league in conjunction with my podcast? If you’ve ever wanted to play, here’s your chance! To hear more, check out my podcast called insideLINES podcast where we talk football, share our HOT TAKES, and interview some bad ass females!! Or just email us at ,hello@insidelinespodcast.com! Female empowerment and community is what we are all about! Happy Fall Yall!

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