Unlocking the Game: Introducing Ladies Playbook for NFL Families

Unlocking the Game: Introducing Ladies Playbook for NFL Families

I am still riding the positive vibes from all of the excitement last week! The insideLINES Live Super Bowl Podcast was phenomenal! Now that we’ve wrapped, I’m mentally shifting gears to focus on a very important project of mine that has been in the making for awhile, and I am so glad to say it is coming to fruition!

Ladies Playbook is a website that I have been working on for over a year to help NFL affiliated women to not just survive, but also thrive in the NFL. Read on to learn more about what Ladies Playbook is, and why I feel that it will one day be an integral part of the support team for the professional athlete’s family.


You might be asking yourself, Atoya, what do you have up your sleeve this time? Well, let me tell you! Ladies Playbook is an exclusive digital community dedicated to providing access to unique resources and necessary support for a professional athlete’s family to thrive- wherever their career takes them. Ladies Playbook features a curated list of vetted, high-quality recommendations for a professional athlete and their family’s needs. It also serves as a platform for women to get acquainted, build relationships, and share advice and support.


After spending 11 years supporting Nate’s NFL career and relocating to three different NFL teams, I know all too well the ins-and-outs of the NFL life. Even years after Nate’s retirement women are reaching out, still struggling with the same obstacles that I faced during our time in the league. So I decided that it’s time for a solution! I created Ladies Playbook to bridge the gap to the unique challenges NFL families face. Ladies Playbook helps players, their families and the NFL team with successes on and off the field.


I wanted to create a space where spouses and significant others to NFL players can feel safe, heard and supported. Within Ladies Playbook we offer a private chat forum, where these ladies can feel comfortable and connected through their journey no matter where they end up throughout their spouses career. I also understand the needs of connecting with the team. Which is why we offer communication and customization of team events and provide the space and opportunity for everyone to know what is going on and can find everything they need in one place.


Ladies Playbook Ambassador

Real Women Support Women, and sisterhood is a powerful thing! Within Ladies Playbook we’re also building a community that is not just about the team and families but for women as individuals. We are partnering with women who have amazing careers inside and outside of the NFL. They are real estate agents, designers, small business owners. Some have experience with being an NFL spouse and others are experts who can share vital information and resources to these women at a very crucial time of their lives. Building this branch of community is a way for us to highlight women in the work field, and to support them in their businesses. 

I have some wonderful ladies on this journey with me and you may even recognize them as my guests from the podcast: Chelsie Gallimore, Adrienne Perry, Alyssa McKenzie, and Emily Gardea. These ladies have partnered with Ladies Playbook as ambassadors for their NFL teams or as Business Ambassadors who will help inspire other women within the NFL community. We have many more ladies who are joining us each day, you can see them all on our instagram page!


We also partner with businesses who want to support the Ladies Playbook cause. If you would like to know more about how your business can partner with us at an upcoming event or learn more about Ladies Playbook, please reach out to us here


Life is ever-evolving. In a fast paced community like the NFL, where things can change quickly. I am very passionate about supporting these athletes and their families, and once I saw the need I had to get working on a solution. This is near and dear to me. I want current and future generations of women to never feel alone again (as I sometimes did) but also I want to encourage them to find themselves, make the most of their time, and build relationships and have experiences they only ever dreamed about. 

Stay tuned for some exciting events. We have our official launch in April as well as the NFL Draft, plus much more! Follow us @ladiesplaybook and reach out to us with any questions or comments! 

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