Q & A with Nate and Atoya

Q & A with Nate and Atoya

Q: Who’s older?

A: I am the cougar! Lol. I am 3 years older than Nate. 😉

Q: Who’s the better cook?

A: Me of course, however Nate is a very creative cook in the kitchen.

Q: Who’s more romantic?

A: Nate says he is, but I’m pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

Q: Who’s the better athlete?

A: Nate. 11 years in the NFL. #Respect

Q: Who has more shoes?

A: Nate all the way. Over 500 pairs and counting. He has a room designated just for his shoes.

Q: Who’s the disciplinarian?

A: I am. I am here more often, so I definitely have to regulate more.

Q: Who’s the night owl and early bird?

A: I am the early bird and Nate is the night owl.

Q: Describe each of yourselves in a hashtag.

A: #QueenAB #Kingofthejungle

Q: What’s your greatest strength?

A: Atoya: “I am a multitasker. I like to help others get things done!”

Nate: “Making people feel good about themselves.”

Q: What’s 1 vice you have:

A: Nate: Sweets and my phone. Atoya: Food and shopping!

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